Ghetto Girls Rule

The Girls up the way:Mediphor for trouble and how to get around it
The Girls up the way: Metaphor for trouble and how to get around it

Ghetto Girls are personas from my memory and imagination. Their rules are what they give herself to live by. My rule is: Do Your Dream. Girls have always been the matriarch of most families. For this, strength is strong even when all seems lost. Ghetto Girls can be your sister,your neighbor, the girl up the way, in a place shared,where loneliness is not healthy and silence is a sound of trouble.

Ghetto Girls is all this:

Girls with toughness, talent and tears
Girls that know pain patience and fears
Girls with hope dreams and imagination
Girls with attitude talking eyes and sharp tongues
Girls with dignity heart and soul
Girls with courage character and charm
Girls with responsibility respect reasons and rules

Let us introduce ourselves

So we can get acquainted

Read about us and why we

Rule and see if you don’t like us

Bridgette Bibble
Evelyn, Pearl, & Rose
Robin Anne
Leona Anne