Hungry as Hell in Marseille


…did I mention nobody seems to like me here? Still 100_0954

Living alone March 1999

God is Good! It is now 2003. I’m still here

But it hasn’t been easy.

God is Great!

I Guess

The year 2000. My hungry as Hell year.


1 potato

1/5 old onion

but still good for me  onion

Should I eat the potato

with the onion


should I eat the egg

with the onion


should I live large

and eat the

potato and egg

with the onion

That is the question


I smoke

I know now I smoke because

I am hungry

I don’t have money for food

I don’t have money for ciggs

How come I can ask for cigg but

I can’t ask for




from a stranger

strange huh?

or stupid eh?

Pride and Stupidity

don’t know each other

But I do know


Don’t care how foolish


For all the artist I adored

(can’t name none right now. I’m too hungry)

who moved very far from security to paint to write to play

paint, wrote and or played so they wouldn’t think about

how hungry they were

Yeah one could live on bread alone

if one had bread


Still life don’t stay still long

’cause you hungry

Hungry Dream

Once upon a time

I was hungry and went to bed that way

I dreamed of chicken

fried chicken wings frying golden brown in a big frying pan

I took one wing out of the pan

it was hot and steaming

I remember burning my fingers tearing it apart

The smell of hot spiced fried chicken wings

prepared to be eaten

The warmth of the spicy hot chicken wing saying

bye to it’s still frying chicken wing pals

touched my lips

The door bell rang

My doorbell is loud

It can wake the dead

It work me

I never got chance to

taste my hot spicy fried

chicken wing…

Crazy Jesus of Probably

Not that I think I’m am like Jesus or nothing’ but my hungry thinking makes me think crazy.

When Jesus woke up from the dead and realized he wasn’t he probably fled. Wouldn’t you?

He couldn’t be a carpenter no more because his hands were damaged. So, he probably was ashamed to show his hands and ’cause his feet were damaged, he had a hard time walking. So

he probably had to crawl. And, since his talking got him in trouble in the first place he was

probably scared to say something. And because he was always holding his sore side, people

probably thought he was a sick cripple crazy theft hiding something and probably ran away from him or

tried to beat him up and take what he was hiding. So Jesus probably starved to death ’cause he  didn’t have friends he could trust and ask for help. So probably that’s why he’s dead probably ’cause he didn’t beg.


This could probably be found in the book of probably.


2 thoughts on “Hungry as Hell in Marseille

  1. I appreciate, greatly, your ability to express yourself so freely. You seem so open and honest. Also I chose to read this particular piece having known hunger myself – I totally get that missed chicken wing thing.

    I think I will start working on that freedom you have for myself.

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