11 September


Where was I? In the Panier, working in a pottery shop.

Onze Septembre I will always remember

It was the day all of America trembled

On the radio is where I heard it first

and realized that day I understood the

language of French

But I couldn’t believe what it said, so

I asked a client that stood looking in a daze

and knew she heard what I heard

I asked her if she spoke English

Not looking at me she nodded her head

She translated what I had already known

Somebody was fucking up America

my home

I gave her a cigal

They say they are good luck

Thanks for her translating something

so fucked up

In silence we stood

She left

But I know she will never forget me

or I because of Onze Septembre

I stood in silence…then locked up the shop

went to the corner where there is a TV bar

I ordered a beer and scotch whiskey

turned from the smiling Arabs

and looked up at the TV

and saw what you saw and wondered

how did they get such good pictures

I looked at the time that was on my watch

and counted back the hours between

America and France

My thoughts were interrupted by the

sounds of laughter whistles and

applauding thunder behind me

as I watched the Twin Towers

fall to the streets

I stood in awe as an Arab

swept around my feet

He looked at me and said with

satisfied Arab French Marseillais philosophy

“Cest comme ca”

No it’s not like that I was thinking

It’s nine something in the morning

There are people in there

Non Non Ce ne pas comme ca

Onze Septembre I will always remember

the day me and all America trembled

For a solid week or a year

I don’t know which

I sat by my telephone waiting

Onze September I will always remember

I was not able to call home for three days

I waited and worried  and could not

eat a thing

not even a joint

nothing nothing nothing helped

My daughter was finally able to call me

But what could I say but Nikki

you okay and

how did they get such good pictures

Onze September I will always remember

Because from that day on

the world would miss the

Happy Go Lucky American


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