Toni in Marseille 1999-2005

I’m movin’ to Marseille

Not sure what I’m gonna do

I don’t speak the language

I don’t have much money

where will I live

Not a clue

But I’m movin’ to Marseille

’cause that’s what I wanna do.

Veux Port (The Old Port)
Veux Port (The Old Port)


Marseille is more than 2600 and some years old. Founded by the Greeks,they say. Romance and Economic opportunity is what built Marseille. It is said that Marseille started with a Princess named Gyptis and a Greek sailor named Protis.

The princess’s father gave a welcoming party for the strong good looking, available able body Greek sailors who found their way to his land, his people and his young, beautiful, unmarried daughter.

At the what the sailors thought was a greeting the princess party, the Princess Gyptis had a cup of something that was offered to the sailors. I don’t know if it  were one after the other or what but the one that took the cup and drank was Protis and voila! He was married. That was the marriage, accepting the cup.

I don’t think Protis knew that taking the cup meant he was married to Gyptis but the king said, “Yeap! Welcome to the family and my son, this is yours. My land my people.”  And so you have it. Marseille. At that time it was called Massalia.


Did I mention Marseille is in France?


My story continues. Next, How to find an apartment in France.

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