Finding an apartment in France

How to find a place of your own…in two months in another country

Yes, I did find a place of my own in 2 months. Actually 2 days shy of 2 months. Actually I didn’t find it. Lesson Learned: To find a place of your own, get on the people you were told you could stay  for two month with nerves. They will find you one. Scare them into thinking  you will never leave. Get comfortable. Constantly tell them how much you like their very big apartment.

They will find you a place of your own…fast…and move you. Note: These things done or not done was not done intentionally to irritate. Really, c’est comme ca.

First make sure your motorcycle and stuff you shipped two months  before, get there a month after you get settled in their house.

Don’t speak French. Speak Ebonics. Decorate the room they let you stay with your stuff…and use tape that pulls the paint and plaster off the very old crumbling plaster walls when you redecorate. Redecorate a lot. Smoke pot and drink a beer in the morning. Give your room personality and style. Call it your room a lot. Smoke pot and drink beer in the afternoon and two at night if possible.

Complain about not being able to find weed.

Use the last of the soy milk …you bought.

Play the radio music loud when your roommates are not home. Play your really good music you brought from home low when they are home. Complain about everything beginning with : Well in America…

Definitely complain about not having weed. Pray before you eat. Don’t buy cigarettes. Smoke theirs. Demand to make an Apple Pie. Talk about religion, money and politics. Ask what religion they are. Read the bible. Cut the round cheese to a square. Use ketchup…a lot….to be continued  Hungry as Hell

View From My Window
View From My Window


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