Wander Matos from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Wander Matos visited Washington DC in July 2015. He had a one man exhibit at the  IDB Staff Association Art Gallery here in Washington D.C.. I met him on my way to work one day. Him standing at the corner waiting for his light. I noticed the middle sized blank canvas in his hand. I jokingly said to him,“What are you doing with that canvas. You wanna sell it? He smiled at me and said,“I don’t speak English”. I said to him, “I don’t speak Spanish.” We both smiled at each other and spoke  our broken languages. He left me with an invitation to his art exhibit. I did understand the next day would be the last day for the exhibit. I took off work early to see the most beautiful works of art as he says “From the Ghetto.”

Wander Matos painted the beauty of The Ghetto. Work. Play. Family. Music . The Reality of life.

Wanders Matos comes from a family of artist. His Bio reads: At the age of 20 he joined the Art School at Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. He earned a scholarship to attend the Altos de Chavon School of Art and Design where he graduated with honors.

In speaking to him on his  last day of the exhibit he said he was on his way to New York then Connecticut. In Connecticut he will be painting a mural.  His exhibit at IBD here in Washington DC is  titled “Identity.” The curator  is Monica Medina-Porro.

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